Would you like Ray Holt to Speak?

Mr Ray Holt is available for most speaking engagements. Mr Holt is a powerful speaker and can speak to youth and adults as well as technical and non-technical audiences. He is willing to speak on early microcomputer history or specific design history on the F-14 microprocessor. His talks usually last from 1-2 hours depending on how technical the audience. Mr Holt uses a Powerpoint presentation as well as actual computer hardware cards and boards in his presentations.  Mr Holt also will show the real first set of F-14 microprocessor chips from his 1968-70 F-14 microprocessor design work.  Mr Holt holds a BS Electronic Engineering degree from California State Polytechnic University (Cal Poly) Pomona, CA and a MS Computer Science degree from Santa Clara University Santa Clara, CA.  See Ray Holt’s Resume.

Some of Mr Holt’s previous speaking engagements are:

California State Polytechnic University (Cal Poly-Engineering Club), Pomona CA
Carnegie Mellon University (Computer Science), Oakland PA
Free University (Engineering), Berlin Germany
Jackson State University (Computer Engineering), Jackson, MS
Oklahoma Community College (Information Technology), Oklahoma City OK
Oklahoma State University (College of Engineering), Stillwater OK
Oklahoma University (Computer Engineering), Norman OK
University of Mississippi (Computer Science), Oxford, MS
University of Mississippi (Computer Engineering), Oxford, MS
University Professor Consortium, Munich Germany
Vintage Computer Festival, Munich Germany
Vintage Computer Festival, Santa Clara, CA
Vintage Computer Festival East, New Jersey

Mr Holt requests that his expenses be paid prior to his travels. His speaking honorarium is as follows:

High School students or younger. No honorarium.
Community College Students: $500
University and Technical College Students: $1000
Adult Audiences or Conferences: $1500

This form goes directly to Mr Holt and can be used for non-speaking communication.

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