Design Team

This is as complete of a list of the Garrett AiResearch Corp and American Microsystem, Inc. design team as I can recall.

Garrett AiResearch Corp

Paul Lyons – Department Manager
Andy Papadeas – Director of Engineering
Bill McCormick – Mathematician/Analyst
Phil Erath – Project Director
Dick Barcus – CADC Manager
Steve Geller – Logic Design Engineer
Ray Holt – Logic Design Engineer
Larry Hammond – Project Documentation Manager
Cleve Hildebrand – Circuit Design Director
Ralph Ichikawa – Circuit Design Manager
Tom Redfern – Circuit Design Manager
Russ Almand – Circuit Design Engineer
Cameron Pedego – Circuit Design Engineer
Dave Knickerbocker – Circuit Design Engineer
Ian Linton – Test Engineer
Lynn Hawkins – Engineering Technician
K.T. Chang – Programming Manager
Bill Holt – Programmer, Simulation
Jim Lallas – Programmer, Simulation
Murray Lubliner – Programmer, Simulation
Jessica Kuo – Programmer
C.Y. Chin – Programmer
Pete Miller – Test Programmer
Al Gaede – Test Programmer

American Micro Systems, Inc.

Ken Rose – Director of Engineering
Al Pound – Design Manager
Jim Kawakami – Project Engineering Manager
Brian Shubert – MOS Design Engineer
Gordon Leighton – MOS Design Engineer
Lloyd “Red” Taylor – Research Engineer
Jay Miner – Research Engineer

If your name is listed above or you were part of the team and I have omitted listing you, please drop me a note.

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